Second study-seminar for Estonian speaking schools at Remniku Study and Recreation Centre

7. February, 2014

On 5th until 6th of February, students from Estonian speaking schools once again gathered at Remniku Study and Recreation Centre. Second study-seminar focused on child’s participation right and brought together as partners of the project: UNICEF Estonia, Estonian Debating Society and NGO Foorumteater. During two days, students learned how to write an official letter to […]

“Children’s Rights: from Theory to Practice” conference

13. January, 2014

In September, a conference “Children’s Rights: from theory to practice” took place in Madrid. The conference was organized by European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights. The main aim of the conference was to share knowledges and experiences between universities and leading NGO-s working in the children’s rights area. During one workshop, NGO Estonian Union […]

“Child’s Voice!” is starting with the study-seminars

26. November, 2013

On the 26th until 27th of November, the project “Child Voice!” will bring together students and teachers from three different schools to Remniku Study and Recreation Centre. The activities in the first study-seminars are carried out by: UNICEF Estonia, NGO Mondo, NGO Foorumteater and NGO Estonian Union for Child Welfare On the first seminar, youngsters […]

Advisory Board’s meeting

20. June, 2013

Today, the advisory board of the project “Child’s Voice” met. During the meeting, following topics were discussed: the process of the project planning the study module electing the schools participating in the project future actions The next time the advisory board of the project meets, is on the 5th – 7th of August in Remniku […]

School visits

4. May, 2013

Soon the visits of the schools in Ida-Virumaa will start. During the visits, the project “Child’s Voice” is introduces by the project team itself. The partner schools will be decided already in June!