Your responsibilities

Your tasks:

  • Actively participate in exciting seminars
  • After the seminar you have to monitor if the things you learned in the seminar are working in real life. It means you have to monitor the possibilities to carry out your rights.

What is seminar?

Seminar is a meeting, where the youngsters of the group are gathering together with the project team and partners. There are seven seminars: 3 seminars separately for both of the groups and one seminar all together.
During the seminars, youngsters get to know more about children’s rights, what does the right mean and what comes with it.  During the seminars, the participants will study through different methods – for example forum theatre is used, also movies, comics and a lot more interesting methods are used. The seminars are always 2-days (except the last seminar where everybody is together) and they are held before the beginning of school breaks for not to disturb school work. Also, all the expenses that comes with participating in the seminars, are covered, so you will have transport to the seminar and back, food and accommodation. You just have to participate.

What happens after the seminars?

After the seminar, your individual work will start. It means that between the seminars, it is your task to monitor, if the things you learned in the seminars are carried out in real life. If it is for you possible to carry out the rights that you have. Although we call it individual work, you won’t be doing it all by yourself. At this phase, your teachers, local youth workers and others connected to the project, are helping you. And if your friends are also participating in this project, then it is much better to do the monitor of your rights. And if your friends aren’t participating, you will find some new friends from the seminars.

Why do we need it?

Actually, there are many reasons for that. First of all, Estonia has ratified a document called Convention of the Rights of the Child. By ratifying it, Estonia gave consent to follow that all the rights that Children have (in that document) are ensured.  But only you can tell, if they are ensured or not.

After you have received knowledge at the seminar about children’s rights, you will be an expert to see, if your rights are ensured or not.

Secondly, in that way, the project team can put together a voluminous report. That report will be sent to European Committee of the Childs’ Rights. In that way, the others can also see, how we are doing when it comes to children’s rights and ensuring them. Also, in that way the local decision-makers will get an exact overview, to see what needs more attention and resources. And through that local life will be improved – which means your life will be improved.

In addition, seminars will be teaching a lot new and interesting, starting from children’s rights and new methods for learning. For example, we will be doing forum theatre, watch exciting movies and we will be doing our own comics. You can use those knowledge and experience in your everyday life even after the project.