Advisory Body

With the project “Child’s Voice!”, there is an Advisory Body working aswell. As you can tell by the name, it is an consultative organ, who’s objective is to support the activities done in the project.

The Advisory Body meets four time during the project. The main content of the meetings are activities, which are already done and planned activities of the project.

The Advisory Body consists of the next representors of the organizations:
Olga Andreitsuk form University of Tartu College of Narva
Andres Aru from Chancellor of Justice, Department of Children’s Rights
Irina Golikova from Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare
Merle Haruoja from Estonian Institute of Human Rights
Julia Kovalenko from Estonian SOS Children’s Villages Association
Marianne Meiorg from Estonian Human Rights Centre
Johanna Helin from NGO Mondo
Maari Ross from NGO Mondo
Alar Tamm from Estonian Union for Child Welfare
Dagmar Kutsar from University of Tartu
Katre Luhama from University of Tartu
Mare Leino from University of Tallinn