Second study-seminar for Estonian speaking schools at Remniku Study and Recreation Centre

7. February, 2014

On 5th until 6th of February, students from Estonian speaking schools once again gathered at Remniku Study and Recreation Centre. Second study-seminar focused on child’s participation right and brought together as partners of the project: UNICEF Estonia, Estonian Debating Society and NGO Foorumteater.
During two days, students learned how to write an official letter to directors, officials and decision-makers. Estonian Debating Society taught the youngsters, how to debate and how to prove your opinion.
NGO Foorumteater worked with teachers, introdusing them with different Theatre of the Oppressed techniques: forum theatre, invisible theatre etc. By the end of the first day, teachers also prepared a small invisible theatre play for the students.

The third study-seminar will take place at the beginning of April and the topic of the third study-seminar is child as a bearer of rights and obligations intended to child.