Press Release

13. August, 2013 0

The following press release was released by the project team on the 5th of August, when the international training about child’s rights was starting.


On the 5th of August 2013, Estonian Union for Child Welfare’s project “Child’s Voice!” gets a kick-off. International training about child’s rights takes places for three days in Ida-Virumaa at Remniku Learning and Recreation Centre.

Two-year project “Child’s Voice!” focuses on schools in Ida-Virumaa, involving children (aged 12-14) and teachers from six different, both estonian and also russian speaking schools, to monitore child’s rights. The main objective of the project is to promote awareness of child’s rights and the situation of child’s rights, focusing mainly on child’s rights to participate. In Estonia, the project takes place for the first time and the methodology was taken over from the organisation Moldova CRIC – Child Rights Information Centre in Moldova. In june, six partnerschools among the other schools in Ida-Virumaa, were elected. The schools are: Narva Paju School, Gymnasium of Iisaku, Russian Gymnasium of Kiviõli, Gymnasium of Avinurme, Sillamäe Kannuka School and Gymnasium of Jõhvi.

The training at Remniku Learning and Recreation Centre is for the teachers from partnerschools aswell for the partners of the project. The training is a prerequisite for the seminars, which are starting in autumn and which are ment for children and youngsters. The seminars will bring together teachers and students from different schools to discuss about different topics of child’s rights and to map the situation in Ida-Virumaa about the child’s rights to participate.

All the information about the procjet “Child’s Voice!” is available at the project’s homepage –

Current project is financed by EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, through Open Estonian Foundation.

Additional information: Kiira Nauts, “Child’s Voice!”, telephone: 53771086

Alar Tamm, director of Estonioan Union for Child Welfare, telephone: 5086656