An article from students from Narva Paju school

28. April, 2014 0

Once again, students from Narva Paju school have wrote an artivle about the project “Child’s Voice!”. You can find the articel written in Russian, by clicking here.

An interview at radio Kuku

21. April, 2014 0

“Child’s Voice” project leader Kiira Nauts explained to radio listeners, what is and how does the project “Child’s Voice!” work. The interview was aired on 16th of April and you can re-listen it by clicking here.

Project team of “Child’s Voice!” visited the Schoolpeace conference at Kuressaare

21. April, 2014 0

During the spring holidays, the project team of “Child’s Voice” visited Kuressaare, where a Schoolpeace conference was held. During the academic year of 2014/2015, Kuressaare is choosed as a schoolpeace city of Estonia and in that context, a Schoolpeace conference took place. You can find more information about the conference by clicking here.

Open Estonian Foundation’s Newsletter

21. April, 2014 0

By clicking here, you can find the newsletter of Open Estonian Foundation in Estonian. Among other interesting stories you can find an article of the project “Child’s Voice!”

An Article about “Child’s Rights” project

14. April, 2014 0

Students from Narva paju school have wrote an article about the project called “Child’s Voice!” The article is in Russian and is available by clicking here.

“Child’s Voice” booklet

28. March, 2014 0

“Child’s Voice” project has finished short and summarizing booklet. The booklet gives an overview of the project “Child’s Voice”. The booklet is ment for spreading information about the project on Internet, but it is also available on paper. Ypu can find the booklet, by clicking here.

Second study-seminar with students from Kiviõli Vene, Narva Paju and Sillamäe Kannuka schools

12. February, 2014 0

Once again we are at Remniku Study and Recreation Centre. At this time, we are having second study-seminar for youngsters from Kiviõli Vene School, Sillamäe Kannuka School and Narva Paju school. This time we are helped by UNICEF Estonia, Estonian SOS Children’s Villages, Olga Shumailova from the prohject “Safer Internet” and Estonian Debating Society.

Additional training at Narva College

15. January, 2014 0

Right now, today, we are carrying out “Child’s Voices” project’s additional training at Narva College. The topic of the training is “Humanistic approach of a student in a school”. Participants of the training are teachers from Jõhvi Gymnasium, Avinurm Gymnasium and Iisaku Gymnasium. Today’s training is a second half of the training that started in […]

An article of “Child’s Voice’s” study-seminar

13. January, 2014 0

From 5th until 6th of December, students from Narva Paju School, Kiviõli Vene School and Sillamäe Kannuka School participated in a “Child’s Voice” project’s study-seminar at Remniku Study and Recreation Centre. By now, students from Narva Paju School have wrote with the help of their teachers an article about the study-seminar itself.

Learning module

8. January, 2014 0

Today, on the 8th of January, the project team of “Child Voice!” will meet with the professors and practitioners from the faculty of social sciences and education and from the faculty of law from University of Tartu. The topic of the meeting is putting together and applying the Teaching Module of Children’s Rights. The main […]