General information

One of the objectives for “Child’s Voice!” project was to create a systematic study-module to teach children’s rights at University of Tartu. The study-module will start at spring 2014 and the lectures in the context of the module are read at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education and at the Faculty of Law.

Suggestions made to Estonia by United Nations’ Commitee on the Rights of the Child

Lectures will be focused on the topics of child’s development, best interest of the child, children’s rights, child-friendly justice and etc. Through the study-model, students’ awareness and knowledges about children and their rights will be increased. That will be done through lectures, seminars and practices in the context of the study-module. More specific description of the study-module will be available shortly. 
More information:
Project leader: Kiira Nauts
Tel: (+372) 631 1128