Adult’s role in the project

Adults – teachers, youth workers, parents – have following tasks in the project:

– To participate in the seminars with youngsters,

– Support the youngsters between the seminars, when they have individual work


Seminar is a meeting, where the youngsters of the group are gathering together with the project team and partners. There are seven seminars: 3 seminars separately for both of the groups and one seminar all together.
During the seminars, youngsters get to know more about children’s rights, what does the right mean and what comes with it.  During the seminars, the participants will study through different methods – for example forum theatre is used, also movies, comics and a lot more interesting methods are used. The seminars are always 2-days (except the last seminar where everybody is together) and they are held before the beginning of school breaks for not to disturb school work. Also, all the expenses that comes with participating in the seminars, are covered, so you will have transport to the seminar and back, food and accommodation. You just have to participate.

What are the youngsters doing after the seminar?

After the seminar, your individual work will start. It means that between the seminars, it is the youngsters’ task to monitor, if the things they learned in the seminars are carried out in real life. If it is possible for them to carry out their rights.


How can I help the youngsters?

You can help the youngsters by supporting them and be there for them. Mostly it involves instructing them during the monitor – how to do it and in what way. In addition, some of the youngsters may need some motivating hand-shake, to shake of the tiredness to continue with the monitor. Although the bigger responsibility will lay on the youngsters, it is very important, that they would have someone, from whom they can ask help or advise.