“Child’s Voice!” is starting with the study-seminars

26. November, 2013

On the 26th until 27th of November, the project “Child Voice!” will bring together students and teachers from three different schools to Remniku Study and Recreation Centre. The activities in the first study-seminars are carried out by: UNICEF Estonia, NGO Mondo, NGO Foorumteater and NGO Estonian Union for Child Welfare

On the first seminar, youngsters are explained about their role in realization and carrying out their own rights and obligations. For that, our partners will work together with youngsters, while explaining about the rights and obligations intended for them. All the study-seminars are carried out like work-shops: active participation and experiencing, different games and simulations and joint discussions.

For Russian speaking schools, the study-seminar will have the same content and it will take place on the 5th until 6th of December, again at Remniku Study and Recreation Centre. At this study-seminar, youngsters and teachers from three different Russian speaking schools are attending, carrying put the same work-shops with the same partners.

In addition to named study-seminars, there will be three study-seminars more: two for Estonian speaking schools (Gymnasium of Jõhvi, Gymnasium of Iisaku, Gymnasium of Avinurme), two for Russian speaking schools (Narva Paju School, Kiviõli Vene School, Sillamäe Kannuka School) and one joint study-seminar, where all the youngsters (from every school, together with Estonian speaking and Russian speaking youngsters) are participating.

The project will finish with achild rights monitoring, put together by youngsters themselves. Materials, games and tool sdeveloped during the project, are available to everybody working with children.

The project is funded by EMP foundation via Open Estonian Foundation and Social Ministry of Estonia.